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R & D Engineer

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above, master in the test of the best

Professional requirements: environmental science, chemistry-related professional

Job Description:

1, involved in the preparation of test laboratories

2, for different organic gases, test wheel adsorption performance

3. Evaluate the properties of the adsorbent material

4, Participation in the production of VOC runner adsorption performance of the mathematical model

Skills required:

With a solid theoretical basis of professional, skilled use of basic application software.

Have a certain imagination and creativity, initiative, and sense of responsibility.

Test Engineer

Responsibilities: Product performance testing


1, HVAC or thermodynamics

2, a wealth of experience in HVAC, hands-on ability

 3, unity and cooperation spirit and motivated

Education: Bachelor degree or above

Mechanical Engineers


1, familiar with the mechanical principle, the main understanding of sheet metal parts, injection molding, finishing processing technology.

2, Skilled in drawing software such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and has a good drawing habits, drawing rigorous, high efficiency, with skilled independent drawings to complete the work.

3, mechanical design, college education;

4, more than one year experience in the production of the actual product drawings to understand the product development process, with the cost of design awareness, the drawing of drawings and modifications.

5, active and active, serious and responsible, have a certain professionalism, integrity, self-motivated, strong learning ability;

6, to participate in other work related to drawing.

7, subject to company management, the company interests.

export sale

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the management and maintenance of B2B platform and website.

2. To carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, development and maintenance of foreign customers;

Liaison, negotiation and negotiation of export business;

4. Export order processing, to ensure delivery in accordance with customer requirements;

5. Coordinate with your supervisor to handle other matters

6. Recording and analysis of relevant business.

job requirements:

1. College or above, major in English or international trade

2. Some foreign trade experience is preferred.

3. Familiar with the export operation of the work process.

4. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate with customers effectively;

5. Skilled use of various types of office software;

6. Serious and responsible for the work, the company provides a good personal career development space. Each year to provide overseas travel to visit customers opportunities.

7. Has a high degree of foreign trade sales enthusiasm, a strong ability to resist pressure and excellent communication and coordination, public relations, organizational coordination skills and skills;

8. Clear and orderly work, a sense of responsibility, cheerful personality,

Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the installation, maintenance and inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments, and supervise the implementation of maintenance plan.

job requirements:

1, college education, electrical and mechanical, electrical automation related professional

2, more than one year work experience

3, a serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility

Service hotline:+86.0510-83786772